Project introduction

Cross-strait coffee top brand "cross-strait garden tieban roast restaurant" has become a favorite restaurant for big stars to visit in hangzhou, jay Chou, BY2, tao jingying, zhang zhen, liu guanlin, fang zu name, ke zhendong We often come to the garden on both sides of the Taiwan straits!

Teppanyaki on both sides of the garden is located in hangzhou city south road no. 204 (near China academy, towards opposite), is the shining pearl in nanshan road buildings during the period of the republic of China, villa sits, kind, the place of wooden doors and Windows, embodies the power of senators atmospheric style, currently specializes in cross-strait teppanyaki, master flyby cooking food, style is uncommon.

The old villa in nanshan has been immersed in the west lake landscape since the 1930s. It has an extraordinary aura of spirituality. Within a hundred meters of each other, the qianwang temple, liulang wenying with ten views of the west lake, accompanied by the west lake museum, and the places that tourists must pass through such as the golden gate and wushan square are close to each other. It was once a private villa for senior officials of the republic of China. It was also used as a dormitory for professors of the Chinese academy of fine arts. The old house was once again radiant with dust and dust.

Taiwan and Taiwan garden hot plate restaurant opened a few days ago, a beautiful blueprint of top class hot plate is unfolding slowly, continuing the legend of the old house, and making great achievements in the world.

No. 204, nanshan road

The villa covers an area of less than 400 square meters. Famous Chinese painters liu wei, ni yide, li zhenjian and wang dewei lived here successively. In 1959, lu and his wife sun shuyuan came to zhejiang academy of fine arts from Shanghai to teach at the invitation of President pan tianshou, who was separated from them. At that time, zhou jianying, an actor from zhejiang quyi troupe, knew him very well, and he shuifa, his student, often visited him at home. Lu had a great affection for the hut. He gave it a nickname, "wen ying Lou". Lu ifei lived in nanshan villa for 24 years, which was the golden age of the master's art life.

In the 1950s, the zhejiang academy of fine arts moved to the scenic nanshan mountain road, where the house was rented as a dormitory for professors and owned by the state. In addition to the famous oil painter wang dewei, the famous painters li zhenjian, lu iyifei and other living in it, xiaolou also lived in zhejiang academy of fine arts some other professors. In 2001, the government auctioned the villa at 204 nanshan road for nearly 30 million yuan.

Top western food is baked in the garden

"On both sides of the garden teppanyaki restaurant" is the high grade inexpensive President business enjoy western food banquet, imported or domestic top beef, seafood ingredients, Japanese and French teppanyaki food, French food and dining process, let you be in have dinner, while at the same time for business talks, fully enjoy French dishes of romance and evolvement of western-style villa decoration art atmosphere in a fancy restaurant.

Hangzhou nanshan road, the most beautiful old house in the early republic of China

According to the records, the villa 204 nanshan road in hangzhou is an old building in the 1930s. The original property right is yan junshou. It was sold to du zhenyuan in 1931. Many famous professors have lived in it, such as oil painter wang dewei, famous painter li zhenjian and lu iyifei. In 2001, the hangzhou municipal people's government auctioned the historic building for coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits.

Taiwan's best master of plate burning in the garden on both sides of the Taiwan strait

"In the" on both sides of the garden teppanyaki restaurant dining, like place oneself in the luxury boxes five-star hotel western restaurant, you can witness Taiwan's "national treasure" teppanyaki chef Chen Hankun highly skilled teppanyaki feat, and can taste the Chinese kuomintang honorary chairman lien chan, Taiwan people first party chairman James soong the same specifications of the highest taste enjoyment.

"Cross-strait teppanyaki garden" has been domestic senior white-collar personage as bean feast together food choice, high brand awareness is not wave get hollow reputation, "on both sides of the garden teppanyaki" uphold the "cross-strait coffee western restaurant of the four" business philosophy, to provide all VIP highest grade of culture, environment, food, service and so on four big enjoyment, helped "cross-strait coffee" brand leadership in domestic food chains.


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Housing requirements

1, area, set inside a building area of 200 square metre (a level).

2, floor, had better be on the first floor or second floor, so on the second floor, on the first floor to have their own independent of the facade.

3, advertising signs, requires a prominent location advertising signs.

4, home display surface, visibility, and permeability is good.

5, parking: there are at least 10 above their own parking space.

6, lease, house lease term is best in 8 years.

7, water supply in 35 tons.

8, the electric capacity of around 100 kw (such as 45 kw power consumption can be reduced with natural gas, gas flow rate in 15 cubic meters per hour).

9, stores required drainage equipment placement, air emissions exhaust pipe (or would smoke into building Wells).

10, the best free repair period of more than 3 months.

Geographical location and environmental requirements

1, four-star hotel;

2 the commercial building, high-end business circle, the government administrative unit concentrated area;

3, large commercial complex or high-end villa business circle.

4, the urban landmark mainstream high-end consumption area.

Join the investment budget form
  • Project
    Terms of payment
  • league
    400000 yuan
    A full lump sum is paid on the date of signing the franchise agreement
    The franchisee is entitled to five years of franchise
  • margin
    50000 yuan
    To pay in full from the date of signing of this contract
    After the expiration of the contract if there is no default situation interest-free return in full
  • Renovation costs
    2000 ~ 3000 yuan / ㎡
    According to the actual set inside floor area
    Containing iron equipment, tools, air conditioning, new exhaust, tables and chairs, order control system, etc., with the logo on both sides of the Taiwan vessels supplies procurement to the company.
  • Other fees
    150000 yuan
    There is no
    Including fire protection, environmental assessment, natural gas, such as registration, account cost, opening material and reserve fund.
  • Is expected to total
    About 1.5 million yuan
    There is no
    Contains no storefront, staff dormitory rent

National chain franchise telephone

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National chain headquarters address: no. 631, zhongshan north road, hangzhou, 4 / f, jinghui commercial building

Tel: 0571-85800711 FAX /FAX:0571-85800608 (national headquarters)

-- national chain joining hotline: --



Wuhan branch: 13588495511

Chongqing branch: 15805719935

Join flow chart


Basic requirements for store rental properties
Survey data

Franchisee shall provide the following information to the franchisee department of the headquarters prior to dispatching staff to the franchisee site

  • Store location

  • Shop floor plan

  • City counterparts data

  • Franchisees to store data

  • Other relevant information


1.Provide a ready to open on both sides of the garden city map teppanyaki napa stores, indicate the location of the want to open a shop, labeling of four-star hotel, CBD, large commercial complex, the administrative organ clusters, high-end villa and corresponding business circle, the city pillar industry, the structure of the GDP, high-end consumer groups.

2. If the region's existing headquarters of napa stores, please marked on the map.

3. Indicate the main competition will open its franchisees area store location and distance to open stores.

4. The old city reconstruction, demolition, road and municipal pipeline modification information.