Project introduction

"Coffee western restaurant on both sides of the Taiwan straits" is a world famous sino-foreign joint venture chain enterprise, which is a national coffee western food chain brand established by zhejiang businesswoman jin meiyang in pursuit of greater coffee ideals and better service concepts.

Relying on the successful experience and management experience gained in the operation of coffee and western food for many years, "cross-strait coffee" optimizes and adjusts the content and environment of the western restaurant, takes appropriate as the market operation direction, and aspires to be an elegant leisure place for people pursuing health and fashion in business activities, interpersonal communication and friends gathering. It is expected to add to the long history of Chinese tea culture, popularize coffee and western food culture, create a Chinese own coffee brand, join hands with all of you to create a beautiful and fashionable life, and connect with the world trend.

"Coffee" on both sides of the Taiwan has run a successful coffee western restaurant, teppanyaki, wooden の Japanese cuisine, on both sides of the small stack of multiple food brand, retail and franchise store more than 800, for national high-level white-collar consumer provide extremely convenient national chain of communication network platform - successful communication, business and leisure travelers began in Taiwan!

"Cross-strait coffee" has rich human resources and strong financial strength, and is determined to build a national coffee chain brand with a sound corporate structure and practical business philosophy, and write a new legend of "cross-strait" coffee business!

National chain "coffee western restaurant on both sides of the Taiwan straits", the delicious food completely overturns your existing concept of food, provides you with the highest level of food culture new enjoyment banquet, "coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits" warmly welcomes you to visit and instruct!

National chain coffee restaurants across the Taiwan straits warmly welcome your participation!

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Housing requirements

Area: the actual floor area of the unit is 500 square meters, not more than 800 square meters.

Floor: it is best to be on the first or second floor and choose to be on the same floor. For the second floor, there should be a separate door, and there should be a direct commercial elevator above the third floor.

Advertisement signboard: it is required to have a prominent advertisement signboard position.

Structure: the housing structure, storey height, display surface, visibility, permeability all meet the requirements.

Parking space: at least 15 private parking Spaces or nearby parking Spaces.

Lease term: the lease term of the house should be at least 8 years, at least 5 years.

Water and electrical requirements: water supply above 35 tons; The electric capacity is about 150 kilowatts. Gas flows at 11 cubic meters per hour.

Blowdown: stores should have sewage and smoke pipes, and it is better to include them in the smoke Wells of buildings.

External: there should be a place for the air conditioner.

Install repair: had better have 3 months above free decorate period.

Geographical location and environmental requirements

Mainly business buildings;

Four-star hotels or high-end chain hotels or their vicinity;

Around government administrative organs, offices, Banks, lawyer buildings, etc.;

Large foreign enterprises, foreign trade concentration areas and so on.

Large commercial complex, shopping square and other passenger concentration areas along the street door.

High - end residential, villa district supporting business circle.

Join the investment budget form
  • Project
    Terms of payment
  • league
    400000 yuan
    A full lump sum is paid on the date of signing the franchise agreement note
    The franchisee is entitled to five years of franchise
  • margin
    50000 yuan
    To pay in full from the date of signing of this contract
    Termination of contract or after the termination of the contract due to special reasons, such as no default situation, interest-free return in full
  • Renovation costs
    1800 ~ 2000 yuan / ㎡
    According to contract pay decorate
    Unified decoration company, the contractor package material
  • All kinds of equipment cost
    1000 yuan / ㎡
    To purchase
    Including the kitchen, bar equipment, air conditioning, tables and chairs, curtains, etc., have logo liangan vessels, unified purchase from the company
  • other
    300000 yuan
    To pay for
    Deal with business licenses, staff dormitory, training expenses, during the opening preparation such as the cost of produce
  • Is expected to total
    About 2.2 million yuan
    Contains no store rent, dormitory

Headquarters address: no. 631, zhongshan north road, hangzhou, 4 / f, jinghui commercial building

Phone/Tel: 0571-85800711

FAX/FAX: 0571-85800608

National chain join hotline: 13738039595 13758269191

Wuhan branch: 13588495511

Chongqing branch: 15805719935

Join flow chart


Basic requirements for store rental properties
Survey data

Franchisee shall provide the following information to the franchisee department of the headquarters prior to dispatching staff to the franchisee site

  • Store location

  • Shop floor plan

  • Peer data

  • Intention to store data

  • Other relevant information


1. To provide a ready to open its franchisees in the map of the city, indicate the location of the want to open a shop, marking the commercial center, supermarket, residential distribution and their corresponding types, the number of residents within 500 meters of distance inn location and income, the number of residents within 200 meters, and revenues.

2. If the region's existing headquarters of napa stores, please marked on the map

3. Indicate the other competition store location will open its franchisees area and distance from the residential area.

4. Information about old city renovation and demolition