Project introduction

Shanghai island coffee is a famous coffee chain restaurant in China. The relaxed and happy atmosphere, the quality first-class coffee, with the elaborately prepared meal, the delicious dessert, as well as the healthy and natural characteristic beverage, wins the great favor of people who pursue the fashion taste life.

Shangdao coffee began to develop in Taiwan in 1968. In 1997, it cooperated with tangcheng group to take root in hainan province and set up branches in Beijing, guangdong and other places two years later. In 1997, shangdao coffee opened its first shop in the busy streets of hainan province, China. So far, more than 1,000 chain stores have been established all over the country, making it one of the most popular coffee chain restaurants in China. In terms of coffee production, Shanghai island coffee sticks to the production concept of "fragrant, sweet and beautiful". In terms of store design, shangdao integrates classic and fashionable concepts and has a unique business model, which makes it achieve a brilliant achievement beyond the expectations of other competitors within a few years. The headquarter of Shanghai coffee company is located in the prosperous Shanghai city, and its franchise stores are all over the large and medium-sized cities of mainland China. Due to its perfect management system and attractive corporate brand effect, shangdao coffee has been thriving for many years, which fully shows the development vitality of its huge brand.

Shanghai island brand has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, all circles of elite to join the island, has become the trend of The Times. In the process of sustainable operation, Shanghai island company adheres to the road of collectivized development, advocates the people-oriented spirit, attaches importance to the cultivation of talents, upholds the excellent management concept, and makes unremitting efforts, and gradually forms an efficient and refined team.

"Hangzhou ucc coffee", relying on in the "express" for many years the management success experience and management experience, to optimize the content of the coffee shop and environmental adjustment, as appropriate as the market management guidance, aspires to be provide to pursue healthy and fashionable in business activities, interpersonal communication, when friends of elegant leisure places; It is expected to add to the long history of Chinese tea culture, popularize coffee and western food culture, create a Chinese own coffee brand, join hands with all of you to create a beautiful and fashionable life, and connect with the world trend.

The unique landscape design of hangzhou shangdao coffee shop, together with elegant wood art design, all-weather piano and violin performance, demonstrates uncommon taste and fully displays the atmosphere fashion sense. In the comfortable and elegant atmosphere, provide customers with coffee, western food, steak and other best catering options; No matter repast area or box, capacious, comfortable, and independent, it is the best place for business meeting guests, guests and friends to dine together.

"Shangdao coffee" has rich human resources and strong financial strength, and is determined to build a national coffee chain brand with a sound corporate structure and practical business philosophy, and write a new legend of coffee business!

The national chain "shangdao coffee", the gourmet delicious food completely subverts your existing concept of food, providing you with the highest level of food culture new feast, "shangdao coffee" warmly welcomes your big car to visit and instruct!

National chain of [island coffee] warmly welcome your participation!http://www.ubccn.com


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Housing requirements

1. Area: the actual building area within the set is about 500 square meters, not more than 800 square meters.

2. Floor: it is best to be on the first or second floor and choose to be on the same floor. For the second floor, there should be a separate door, and there should be a direct commercial elevator above the third floor.

3. Advertising signboard position: it is required to have a prominent advertising signboard position.

4. The housing structure, floor height, display surface, visibility and permeability all meet the requirements.

5. Parking space: at least 15 self-owned parking Spaces or nearby parking Spaces.

6. Lease term: the lease term of the house should be at least 8 years, at least 5 years.

7. Water, electricity and gas requirements: water supply is over 35 tons; The electric capacity is about 150 kilowatts. Gas flows at 11 cubic meters per hour.

8. The store shall have pipes for sewage discharge and smoke discharge, and it is better to include them in the smoke well of the building.

9. There should be a place for the outside air conditioner.

10. had better have 3 months above free decorate period.

Geographical location and environmental requirements

1. Mainly business buildings;

2. Four-star hotels or high-end chain hotels or nearby ones;

3. Surrounding areas of government administrative organs, offices, Banks, lawyer buildings, etc.

4. Large foreign enterprises, foreign trade concentration areas, etc.

5. Large commercial complex, shopping square and other passenger flow areas along the street entrance.

7. High - grade residential, villa area supporting business circle.

Join the investment budget form
  • Project
    Terms of payment
  • league
    400000 yuan
    A full lump sum is paid on the date of signing the franchise agreement
    The franchisee is entitled to five years of franchise
  • margin
    50000 yuan
    A full lump sum is paid on the date of signing the franchise agreement
    When the contract expires or terminates for special reasons, it will be returned in full without interest if there is no breach of contract
  • Renovation costs
    1800 ~ 2000 yuan / ㎡
    Payment as agreed in the decoration contract
    The company unified decoration, contractor package materials.
  • Equipment charges
    1000 yuan / ㎡
    To purchase
    Include kitchen, bar equipment, air conditioning, desk and chair and curtain etc., the vessel that has island mark, appliance is unified from company purchase.
  • other
    300000 yuan
    To pay for
    To handle the expenses of certification, dormitory, training, opening preparation, etc.
  • Is expected to total
    About 2.2 million yuan
    There is no
    Excluding the rent of storefront and dormitory

Headquarters address: no. 631, zhongshan north road, hangzhou, 4 / f, jinghui commercial building

Phone/Tel: 0571-85800711

FAX/FAX: 0571-85800608

National chain join hotline: 13738039595 13758269191

Wuhan branch: 13588495511

Chongqing branch: 15805719935

Join flow chart


Basic requirements for store rental properties
Survey data

Franchisee shall provide the following information to the franchisee department of the headquarters prior to dispatching staff to the franchisee site

  • Store location

  • Shop floor plan

  • Peer data

  • Intention to store data

  • Other relevant information


1.Provide a ready to open its franchisees in the map of the city, indicate the location of the want to open a shop, marking the commercial center, supermarket, residential distribution and their corresponding types, the number of residents within 500 meters of distance inn location and income, the number of residents within 200 meters, and revenues.

2. If the region's existing headquarters of napa stores, please marked on the map.

3. Indicate the other competition store location will open its franchisees area and distance from the residential area.

4. Information about old city renovation and demolition.