Jin meiyang, President of cross-strait coffee: be a woman, not a strong woman

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"Cross-strait coffee" is one of the largest coffee western restaurant chain brands in China. Since the establishment of the brand in 2003, cross-strait coffee has been continuously building a business exchange platform in various cities across the country and continuously expanding the coffee western restaurant market. Now, in the face of the explosion of China's coffee market, both sides of the Taiwan straits have moved with The Times, with new actions and concrete development plans.

"Cross-strait coffee" recently launched a new sub-brand small coffee shop light meal model, "cross-strait small stack", the target customers of the new brand target 80, 90 young white collar consumer groups, catering products mainly promote health, light food, health care, fashion, fast as the theme, determined to create "China's own starbucks".

"Cross-strait coffee", points out that this is a new beginning, on both sides of the plan is for "on both sides of the small stack" : this year began to small stores around the development area of one hundred square meters, three years all over the country opened about 200 stores and franchisees, main source at the airport, high-speed store location, as well as department stores, complex or write blocks.

"Based on the successful experience of the parent company, the cross-strait coffee and beverage group and the organizing force of a large and sound team," said jin meiyang, President of the cross-strait coffee group, "the cross-strait coffee market will be fully developed.

The story of the two leaders

Jin meiyang, the chief pilot of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits, began to develop the international trade of small commodities in yiwu, zhejiang in 1988. In 1996, she began to invest in the opening of top shark fin, shangdao coffee and old tree coffee in guangdong. In 2003, jin renamed more than 100 coffee shops on the island as "cross-strait coffee". At present, there are more than 860 stores with more than 45,000 employees across the Taiwan straits. Last year, the revenue of the cross-strait restaurant group exceeded 3.2 billion yuan, ranking the leading position in the coffee and western restaurant industry in the mainland.

From the international trade of yiwu commodities to the development of coffee and catering chains on both sides of the straits, jin meiyang has always been clear about what she wants. If she is not good at something, she trusts the professional team to deal with it. Jin mei has a firm and resolute heart under her beautiful appearance. She always says that people are responsible for everything, and execution is the most important thing.

I think there are actually two kimmys in this world: one is the "golden President" who is capable and strong. As she often said, to do everything, or not to do it, you must do the best you can. In the first five years of cross-strait coffee's establishment, she was busy visiting stores from shop to shop every night. She was always busy until two or three o 'clock at night before coming home. She only slept for three or four hours every day. With more than 800 stores now, she says meaningfully, it's time to keep working.

The other jin mei is weak, but not strong, her softness is graceful and elegant, smile and reality. In front of her, her body lean forward, not half a meter away from me, a close look at the corners of her mouth and eyebrows, is still standing in the face. Even though she is busy at work, she knows how to adjust herself and has the habit of keeping exercising. She laughs that rest is for better engagement in a new round of work, and that one must learn to combine work with rest. There seems to be no negative emotion on her face. She always melts you with sincere eyes and bright smile when talking.

The success of jin meiyang is just as hard and soft as the dual character of both sides, which cannot be duplicated.

The first bucket of gold

When jin meiyang was very young, there was a grocery store in her home. She was sensible and often helped her grandmother and her parents to guard the shop. From that time on, jin meiyang had the concept of retail, and understood that the difference between selling goods and buying goods is the reason of profit. After graduating from university in 1988, she decided to go to yiwu to study the small commodity trading market. "I don't like being tied down. I want to work and live freely. She gave this explanation.

Without a partner, Ms. Jin borrowed 10,000 yuan from her parents to start her entrepreneurial dream. "At that time, ten thousand yuan is very few, I spent 67 thousand yuan to install a telephone first, then rent a shop in the market edge, the cost has almost been used up, because there is no money to purchase goods, had to do some agency recommendation first, help others sell goods."

Painstakingly epicenter was originally do zipper domestic and foreign trade business, the beginning a lot of people don't believe in this little thing, how can there be a market prospect, and feel the small zipper "is not the same, and I saw," painstakingly epicenter, explained that "the era, the design of clothing, bags form is not so rich now, but the zipper is absolutely indispensable a accessories, of all the goods and lucrative, she said:" at the time, selling gold is selling aluminum alloy."

Not long after, a chance of hundreds of thousands of large orders came, but the difficulty for her was that she did not have enough capital. That day, jin meiyang went to play at the home of a female classmate in yiwu. Unexpectedly, she talked about the matter that upset her. "I look like a nice girl and I work hard and her parents are very nice to me." In this way, jin mei earned the first bucket of gold in her life.

Later, the more business she did, the more people she knew, including her husband Yang. "At that time, he opened a zipper factory in guangdong, specializing in foreign trade in the Middle East, Europe and other places. I showed him the price and cost of my purchase, and I said the profit was very high, and I could cooperate with you as long as I had a reasonable profit. Because of his sincere treatment, Yang also transferred the power of the zipper products he produced in the mainland to jin meiyang, so he became the biggest customer of jin meiyang. After more than three years of business partnership, they got married in 1992.

The rise of cross-strait coffee

"For now, I still think I'm fit for the restaurant business." Many years ago, the idea was a flash in the heart of painstakingly epicenter, let her make up his mind to the real line, is a business in hangzhou shangri-la hotel coffee bar, she noticed that a common American coffee in the hotel to sell RMB 100 yuan, business is good, a lot of guests need to negotiate the business still stood in the lobby, etc, she suddenly saw the broader business opportunities.

In 1996, jin meiyang opened the first coffee shop in yiwu to test the water. The per capita consumption was set at around 40 to 50 yuan, which was the price that ordinary white collar workers could afford at that time. Not long after the Asian financial crisis erupted and foreign trade risks soared, the kims decided to scale back factory production and instead invest in catering services. At that time, just in time for the development of Taiwan's shangdao coffee into the mainland, the two sides reached the cooperation mode of the other party's brand and technology and the jinmeiyang couple's fund through negotiation.

At the beginning of her business, she was busy in every shop almost every night. She could not go home until two or three o 'clock at night. She only slept for three or four hours every day. The effort paid off. In the first year, jin meiyang opened more than 100 western coffee restaurants.

Over the years, her most crucial asset to coffee on both sides of the Taiwan strait has been a decade of accumulated property ownership and many leases over a decade. Under the situation of soaring land prices, it is not only the value added of private businesses, but also the life and death of chain brands on both sides of the straits that can talk about the purchase and lease conditions of good stores. Property prices across the mainland have risen at least three times since 2003, and some restaurants that were previously profitable have been closed because rents have soared so fast that they have become unprofitable.

Jin meiyang knows clearly that the lifeline of the chain store chain is a continuous flow of stores. Whoever signs early and signs cheaply can grasp the business opportunities. "I had $2 million in cash in my car at any time, so I asked my colleagues who were in charge of the exhibition to choose the spots, and then I went to look at them myself.

Jin meiyang is a very detail-oriented person, and the environment in the restaurant is the most important. Even if there is a piece of paper scraps on the ground, wearing noble clothes she saw, she would not care about the image, and immediately squat down to pick it up, even the toilet, was required to clean a spotless. The feeling comes from several trips abroad: "sometimes I get tired and want to find a place to sit, only to find that the toilets in foreign countries are very clean and tidy as home. I thought that if I started my own store in the future, I would make the toilets feel very clean, "she said. She then led the store managers to set standards for cleaning toilets.

Many people think that coffee is not a Chinese thing, but an imported product. She points out that neither the U.S. nor Europe is the origin of coffee beans, which are mainly produced in Africa, South America and China's yunnan province. Only these western countries have imported coffee beans packaged in their own culture, so when we hear American coffee now, we think of fast food culture, and when we talk about French coffee, we think of romance. Coffee, like tea, is just a medium, a special medium to promote people's communication and interaction. The products can be duplicated, but the culture cannot. Jin meiyang hopes that the coffee on both sides of the straits can integrate the unique elements of China's family love service, poetry, music and even the beautiful west lake into the coffee, so as to create the coffee culture of Chinese people.

One thing has made her proud to this day. She allows her customers to drink the most authentic Jamaican blue mountain coffee for just over 100 yuan. As is known to all, Jamaican blue mountain coffee is one of the best coffee in the world, but before July 2010, China had no quota of Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans and could only import authentic Jamaican blue mountain coffee from Japanese or Taiwanese traders in treasure island.

For this, as hangzhou coffee western food industry association, painstakingly epicenter, decided to miles made a special trip to Jamaica, together with the country's agriculture and fisheries minister signed import contract, made the Chinese exclusive general agent right of Jamaican blue mountain coffee, will be one of the world's top coffee Jamaica blue mountain coffee bean imports of Chinese directly, quickly opened up the world's largest and most development potential of the market.

For the brand of Jamaica blue mountain coffee, in addition to the elaborately matched coffee machine, manual coffee grinder, and coffee bean gift box packaging, the introduction of the best coffee grinding and roasting technology. In 2012, in the middle of the cross-strait coffee xiasha kitchen, to the three new members, imported from German PROBAT 50 kg and 1 kg coffee roaster machine, imported from Japan Fuji 10 kg coffee roasting machine, in addition to the original bakery closed, on both sides of the added into three of the world's most advanced coffee beans baking machine, one of the 50 kg roasters single purchase price is 1.5 million yuan RMB. But the average price of a cup of blue mountain coffee was set at more than 100 yuan by jin meiyang. I think it's cheating on consumers and it's damaging to the long-term development of the industry."

Learn to be grateful

There is one thing that still moves her in retrospect. It was the last day of business when the 10-year rent of coffee and metier shop on both sides of hangzhou expired. It was already closing time in the evening, but many guests still stayed in the shop. "A customer came to me and asked," why are you moving out? I have no place to go "This sentence warmed her heart and she felt that all her previous efforts were worth it.

If coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits was just a restaurant selling coffee and western food a decade ago, Ms. Jin has set her sights on building an "aircraft carrier for exotic cuisine." In recent three years, "coffee" on both sides of the Taiwan has to strategize the multi-brand strategy fully rolled out for many years, its garden teppanyaki, 犇 丼 teppanyaki, on both sides of the small stack, wooden LanHuai stone, Thai city of Thai cuisine, catering brand expansion to the nation at the same time, according to the average monthly keeps the speed of 2 to 3 stores opened continuously.

Speaking of the future, jin offered a metaphor for coffee on both sides of the straits. She said coffee on both sides of the straits is like a wife waiting for her husband to return home.

As she often said, no matter how big the difficulties are, as long as we face them bravely, we will be happy to solve them. I think this should be the biggest secret of the success of cross-strait coffee.