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Introduction: in this world, there should be two jinmei Yang, one is graceful jiangnan women, the other is a masterful shopping master, but the creator of the two into one. Business may be a natural instinct, growing up in the west lake jinmei central, when she was a child there was a grocery store, so she had the concept of retail very early, early germination of the talent of business.

Speaking of the central committee of jin mei, she is known as the coffee queen, and is also the President of zhejiang business women's jie council, a model for female entrepreneurs in zhejiang province. Since the advent of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits, jin treated it as a child of her own. After 20 years of development, coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits has been steadily promoted to the top position of Chinese coffee tycoons amid constant transcendence.

In 2008, coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits rapidly developed more than 500 chain stores across the country, ranking first among domestic chain restaurants. Since then, along with the market demand, painstakingly epicenter and the creation of kaka king steak restaurant, teppanyaki, wood の blue on both sides of the Taiwan Japanese restaurants, and other chain brand.

Exclusive agent Jamaica coffee to guide single - product coffee consumption

Cross-strait coffee adheres to the brand positioning of China's "experts in western food". While successfully operating the Taiwan plastics beef platoon, cross-strait coffee has focused on Jamaica blue mountain coffee. At the end of 2010, coffee from both sides of the Taiwan straits officially won the exclusive general agent of Jamaica blue mountain coffee garden raw beans in China.

In 2014, when domestic coffee brands were popular, jin meiyang went to Jamaica despite fierce competition. After rounds of negotiations, she finally succeeded in introducing the green bean quota of high-quality blue mountain coffee plantation. As is known to all, the quota of raw beans of Jamaica blue mountain coffee farm is 90% in Japan and 10% in Europe and the United States. All raw beans of Jamaica blue mountain coffee farm in China are imported and resold through Japanese traders. The President of cross-strait coffee, jin meiyang, led the team to Jamaica and signed the first "exclusive general agency contract for raw beans of Jamaica blue mountain coffee garden" with Jamaica agriculture, fisheries department and Jamaica coffee industry bureau, which laid a solid foundation for cross-strait coffee to build China's "starbucks".

"The ability to secure this quota and China's exclusive general agency benefits from China's rapid economic growth in recent years," she said. On the day of the signing of the agreement, Jamaica's parliament immediately approved the proposal to sell raw beans from blue mountain manor directly to China, which is an important milestone in economic and trade cooperation between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic ties. With 20, 000 pounds of raw Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans shipped directly to the country by sea, top quality coffee lovers are blessed to drink the world's top blue mountain coffee at affordable prices.

Jamaica blue mountain coffee has strict and detailed regulations on seedling breeding, fertilizer use, harvesting, cleaning, fermentation, baking, packaging, etc. Picking by hand; Transport coffee beans in traditional wooden barrels After a series of rigorous standards identified, these only produced from Jamaica blue mountain above the coffee beans, to obtain the Jamaica "blue mountain coffee" certificate issued by the Jamaica government coffee industry bureau, is the true blue mountain coffee. "The authentic Jamaican blue mountain coffee used to be the top coffee for royalty or wealthy businessmen in Europe and the United States. Now we Chinese people can also enjoy it on both sides of the Taiwan straits," said jin meiyang, President of cross-strait coffee.

OtO's rapid transformation into an internet-sharing economy has opened up outsourcing services

In 2015, with a strong passion for coffee, Ms. Jin turned her attention to the youth groups of the public and founded the cross-strait small stack brand by embracing "Internet +", aiming to enable the public to enjoy the exquisite service and pure high-quality coffee of cross-strait coffee.

Jin meiyang said, "cross-strait small stack" has been deeply rooted in the popular catering industry for decades of rich experience, and in the Internet consumption mode operation of ease, under the "cross-strait coffee" customer big data support, to help the cross-strait small stack quickly break through the traditional catering business model. In 2017, as food safety becomes a hot issue in the society, China's take-out industry is experiencing a spurt of development. The take-out market has exceeded 200 billion yuan. At this time, coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits, with the unique advantage of the central kitchen established ten years ago, has opened up a new mode of convenient kitchen on both sides of the Taiwan straits, aiming to introduce the professional western food mode of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits to ordinary people's homes and shoulder more social responsibilities with a craftsmanship. Bento is cooked and distributed by central chefs on both sides of the Taiwan straits. Whether it is convenient and fast Chinese food or delicate and delicious western food, anyone who has ordered bento on both sides of the straits knows that this is a successful transformation of coffee from high-end business professionals to young people on both sides of the straits.

People in charge of cross-strait coffee told us that taking out food can save the rent and labor cost of many stores, and it is the next big game to launch a delicious and comfortable online box meal with good quality and low price, and more importantly, to catch the post-90s diners. In addition, it is also the trend of The Times to make catering personalized and diversified through new technologies and models. Of course, the use of a third party platform to try water delivery O2O may be only the first step in the transformation, more cross-strait coffee playing methods worth expecting.