Adhering to the spirit of craftsman and innovative ideas, coffee on both sides of the straits has created the brand of "expert in western food" in China

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At the beginning of may, 2017, the honor of coffee from both sides of the straits was announced in the "2016 China catering industry top ten brands selection" and the top ten international food brands held by the China cuisine association, which is also known as the "Oscar of the catering industry". After nearly 10 years of development, coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits has always insisted on creating China's "experts in western food" with innovative ideas and craftsmanship. The classic coffee products on nearly 800 sides of the Taiwan straits, such as Taiwan model ox chop and Jamaica coffee, have been spread all over the country.

The first innovation was the sales of the Formosa cattle platoon of 1 million pieces in 10 years

"Before, Chinese people used to consume steak, but they didn't like steak with blood in it. When we started the cross-strait coffee brand, we took this into consideration and prepared to launch a fully cooked Taiwan plastic steak. Jin meiyang, chairman of zhejiang cross-strait food chain co., said that in recent years, with the booming development of the mainland western food market, many western food stores have introduced Taiwan plastic steak, which was not popular in Taiwan around 2006. In order to create high-quality Formosa steak products, Taiwan and Taiwan coffee specially hired chef li wanfu from five-star hotels in Taiwan.

It is understood that a good Formosa steak product, for the raw material requirements are very high. Only the most fat and beautiful ribs can be made for each cow. The rib thickness of the small ribs of the coffee platoon on both sides of the Taiwan straits needs to meet strict standards, and only 6 pieces of Formosa steak can be made for each cow. Due to the natural growth of beef, the selected raw materials of the rib should be cut and pruned manually. Taiwan model beef steaks made from coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits must be marinated with Taiwanese rice wine and various spices for 12 hours, and then packaged after being marinated.

"The research and development of our Formosa platoon took 90 days. Because steaks are marinated in batches, if not up to standard, all stores will not use them. During the research and development period, the consumption of beef was close to one ton. To ensure the standardization of small platoon products in hundreds of stores across the country, coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits invested 50 million yuan in 2012 to build a national central factory for coffee on both sides of the straits, said jin.

According to incomplete statistics provided by coffee companies on both sides of the Taiwan straits, tsu niupai was launched nearly a decade ago. At the peak of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits, there were 800 stores nationwide.

First exclusive agent Jamaica coffee beans guide single - product coffee consumption

Cross-strait coffee adheres to the brand positioning of China's "experts in western food". While successfully operating the Taiwan plastics beef platoon, cross-strait coffee has focused on Jamaica blue mountain coffee. At the end of 2010, the two sides officially won the deep exclusive agency of Jamaica blue mountain coffee.

"At that time, Jamaica blue mountain coffee had always wanted to enter the Chinese market. The Jamaica coffee bureau started from Beijing, guangzhou and Shanghai, inspected the national market, and finally gave the general agent to coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits." Looking back at holding hands with Jamaica blue mountain coffee, jin said that the reason for the cooperation agreement is not only the advantage of the consumption atmosphere in jiangsu and zhejiang markets, but also the strength of the brands of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits, as well as the high recognition of Jamaica blue mountain coffee products and Jamaican culture.

It is reported that Jamaica blue mountain coffee due to production reasons, the quota is limited. Jamaica blue mountain coffee, which has entered the Chinese market through cross-strait coffee, is becoming more and more popular with consumers due to its prominent personality. As a single product, Jamaican blue mountain coffee has become more popular in China, attracting more and more consumers.

Coffee shops on both sides of the Taiwan straits are located in several provinces and cities across the country, including Tibet, gansu and xinjiang. With the implementation of the national "One Belt And One Road" policy, coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits will be distributed to the national market on a large scale in the future, allowing more consumers to taste the Taiwan plastic ox chop and Jamaica blue mountain coffee of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits, and at the same time making the road of "western food expert" brand of coffee on both sides of the Taiwan straits more stable.

In 2016, coffee from both sides of the Taiwan straits won the "top ten international food brands" of the Chinese cuisine association, and continued to lead the way of Chinese own western food coffee brands.