Jinghu coffee shop on both sides

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Jinghu coffee shop on both sides


Address: jinghu hall, no. 79, beishan road, xihu district (opposite shangri-la hotel)


Introduction: coffee shop (jinghu hall store) on both sides of hangzhou west lake is composed of one small building with two floors and two small buildings with one floor. Jinghu hall store is close to the romantic and beautiful national 5A scenic area, xizi lake. The old trees are hidden, and the green waves are round about, and the smoke is vast. To the east is the white dike bridge, where there was a beautiful woman holding a paper umbrella, smiling at the moving legend of xu xian crossing the bridge, and to the west is the west cold bridge with a strong cultural history. Here convenient transportation, convenient travel, is a good place to love out! The coffee jinghu hall store on both sides of the river is originally a grand view of the west lake.

The outdoor cafe jinghu hall store on both sides of the river is also equipped with a lakeside pavilion connected with a small lakeside square. It can accommodate 180 guests at the same time.

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